Benefits to Healthcare Workers

Healthcare professionals need safety syringes that are reliable, easy to use, and cost effective. In addition, they need one syringe that meets all of their medical needs. SafeSnap does. The SafeSnap product line includes insulin, tuberculin, allergy and safety syringes. Our syringes are specifically designed with standard industry features that healthcare workers need to effectively deliver drugs to their patients. Healthcare workers in hospitals, doctors’ offices, cosmetic enhancement centers, and home health settings use SafeSnap syringes and enjoy peace of mind knowing they are using a safe, reliable and versatile syringe.

The SafeSnap® Syringe

Full Product Line

  • Includes safety, insulin, tuberculin, and allergy syringes
  • 1/2cc, 1cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 20cc sizes
  • Permits full conversion and purchasing from one manufacturer
  • Latex-free
  • Stock one syringe: SafeSnap® works with substantially all standard syringe accessories designed with a luer lock including butterfly blood draw and needleless IV systems

Product Information

SafeSnap® becomes its own sharps container

User Friendly

  • Looks and feels like a regular syringe
  • Allows nurses to utilize standard injection technique in giving injections
  • Simplifies user training and encourages compliance recognition

Cost Effective

  • Exceeds ISO standards for dead space – waste of expensive medications is kept to a minimum
  • Significant disposal savings to medical facilities because of the reduction of traditional sharps containers
  • Reduces liability in the work environment as well as during the transportation to the final disposal destination
  • SafeSnap® syringes can be sold at prices comparable to or lower than other safety syringes

How SafeSnap® Works

With SafeSnap®, it’s as simple as push, pull, snap seal. Push: As you inject, continue pressure until the plunger locks with the needle and its carrier. Flip the red clip. Pull: Retract the needle all the way into the barrel. Snap: Break the plunger off. Seal: Insert the plunger into the open end of the barrel until it locks. Now the syringe can simply be disposed of in a red biohazard bag. Because SafeSnap® becomes its own sharps container there is no need to dispose of a used SafeSnap® needle into a sharps container.

Product Demo

OSHA Compliance for Education and Training

The traditional technology associated with SafeSnap® complies with OSHA standards for education and training while requiring little or no additional training. According to OSHA:

  • Employers must train and educate employees who use safer devices and work practices to ensure acceptance and proper use. If a combination of engineering and work practices used by the employer does not eliminate or minimize exposure, the employer shall be cited for failing to use engineering and work practice controls.
  • Employee acceptance and employee training are required for the engineering control to be effective.
  • Employers must ensure that their annually reviewed Exposure Control Plan reflects consideration and use of commercially available safer medical devices. The plan must document consideration and implementation of appropriate commercially available and effective engineering controls designed to eliminate or minimize exposure, subject to citation.
  • Each healthcare setting is urged to have its own tailored program that is developed with input and review from workers. In addition, devices should be used and evaluate as part of a comprehensive program of safe work practices, in which workers are trained in certain safety practices.
  • The responsibility is on the employers to educate personnel to use safety devices correctly and to monitor use to ensure compliance with safe use practices. The use of effective training and education is required for employees whenever safer devices are implemented. Interactive training sessions are stressed rather than just the use of films or videos that do not provide the opportunity for discussion with a qualified trainer.

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