Benefits to Self-Administration

The number of people self-administering drug therapies at home continues to increase. For example, insulin dependent diabetics, people undergoing hormone therapy and individuals suffering from arthritis all need a safe and reliable way to self-inject medications.

The unique design features offered by the SafeSnap syringe provides an easy, reliable and safe way for people to self-administer drugs as often as necessary.

The SafeSnap® Syringe

Full Product Line

  • Includes safety, insulin, and allergy syringes
  • 1/2cc, 1cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 20cc sizes
  • Permits full conversion and purchasing from one manufacturer
  • Latex-free
  • Stock one syringe: SafeSnap® works with substantially all standard syringe accessories designed with a luer lock including butterfly blood draw and needleless IV systems

Product Information

SafeSnap® becomes its own sharps container

Every year among the 9 million syringe users at least 3 billion injections are administered outside of traditional healthcare facilities.

Approximately two-thirds of the at home injectors are people with diabetes and patients administering home health treatments for conditions such as infertility, HIV, allergies, Hepatitis C and arthritis.

In any community, this can create a public health hazard to workers and the public because of improperly disposed used syringes. Using SafeSnap reduces this threat:

User Friendly

  • Looks and feels like a regular syringe
  • Allows users to utilize standard injection technique in giving injections
  • Simplifies user training and encourages compliance recognition

Cost Effective

  • Exceeds ISO standards for dead space – waste of expensive medications is kept to a minimum
  • Significant disposal savings to medical facilities because of the reduction of traditional sharps containers
  • Reduces liability in the work environment as well as during the transportation to the final disposal destination
  • SafeSnap® syringes can be sold at prices comparable to or lower than other safety syringes

How SafeSnap® Works

With SafeSnap®, it’s as simple as push, pull, snap seal.

Push: As you inject, continue pressure until the plunger locks with the needle and its carrier. Flip the red clip.

Pull: Retract the needle all the way into the barrel.

Snap: Break the plunger off.

Seal: Insert the plunger into the open end of the barrel until it locks.

Now the syringe can simply be disposed of in a red biohazard bag. Because SafeSnap® becomes its own sharps container there is no need to dispose of a used SafeSnap® needle into a sharps container.

Product Demo

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