Safety Insulin Syringe

When someone improperly discards a used needle into, for example, a garbage pail, public waste workers can potential get stuck by the used needle. Used needles can carry infectious diseases. So if stuck, public waste workers are at risk of being infected.

US Medical Instruments’ is committed to provide information and products that encourage and help diabetics to participate in the ultimate community goal:

100% of all used syringes being disposed of properly and not in garbage cans or common locations such as parks, public building trash receptacles or in the street.

Because SafeSnap is the world’s smallest sharps container, SafeSnap provides a significant benefit to diabetics. Laws governing home care sharps requirements are currently being considered by several states. Several states have even implemented such laws.

Diabetics, and those people caring for diabetics, need to ensure they understand their state’s laws with regards to disposing of used syringes. These laws protect the diabetic and the community from sharps injuries.

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Product Code Syringe Size Needle Size Units Per Box Units Per Case
20210 1/2 cc Insulin 30g x 5/16″ 100 800
20218 1/2 cc Insulin 29g x 1/2″ 100 800
20226 1 cc Insulin 29g x 1/2″ 100 800
20234 1 cc Insulin 28g x 1/2″ 100 800


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