ReadyToFill™ Syringe

U.S. Medical Instruments, Inc.’s SafeSnap® ReadyToFill™ syringe is the only ready-to-fill safety syringe on the market that becomes its own self-contained sharps container. In addition SafeSnap® ReadyToFill™:

  • Maximizes the yield of your drugs while also reducing your costs
  • Meets the International Standards Organizations (ISO) standard for dead space and is designed for zero reflux
  • Is convenient and easy to use for both self-administered users and healthcare professionals

By eliminating dosage error, needle stick injuries and contamination, healthcare professionals will experience less risk and more peace of mind.

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Available Configurations

Packaging available per customer requirements

Syringe Size Needle Size
3 cc no needle
3 cc 25G x 5/8
3 cc 25G x 1
3 cc 23G x 1
3 cc 23G x 1.5
3 cc 22G x 1
3 cc 22G x 1.5
3 cc 21G x 1
3 cc 21G X 1.5
3 cc 20G X 1
3 cc 20G X 1.5
5 cc no needle
5 cc 22G X 1
5 cc 22G x 1.5
5 cc 21G x 1
5 cc 21G x 1.5
5 cc 20G x 1.5
5 cc 20G x 1
10 cc no needle
10 cc 22G x 1
10 cc 22G x 1.5
10 cc 21G x 1
10 cc 21G x 1.5
10 cc 20G x 1
10 cc 20G x 1.5

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U.S. Medical Instruments is a technology-based medical device manufacturer located in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and market safety-enhanced medical instruments that are both cost-effective and user-friendly.

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