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The SafeSnap® syringe, consists of the best line of single-use hypodermic syringes designed to reduce the risk of transmission of blood borne diseases from accidental needle sticks in the healthcare and home care markets.

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Benefits of SafeSnap® Safety Syringe

Don’t forget, safe needle disposal is important no matter where you are – at home, at work, or on the road:

  • Never place used needles in the trash in hotel rooms, on airplanes, or in public restrooms where the needles could injure the cleaning staff or other people
  • Be prepared – ask about options for safe needle disposal when you make travel reservations, board an airplane, or check into a hotel or cruise ship
  • If you aren’t sure that needle containers will be available where you’re going, SafeSnap eliminates the question and uncertainty of availability of sharps containers no matter where you are going

Our product is ideal for individuals with the need for self-injections. SafeSnap provides safety you can take anywhere.

The SafeSnap syringe allows you to safely store used needles directly in your briefcase, purse, or backpack, eliminating the possibility of accidental needle sticks, until they can be properly disposed of.

  • Among 9 million syringe users at least 3 billion injections are administered outside of traditional health care facilities each year
  • Approximately two-thirds of the at-home injectors are people with diabetes and patients administering home health treatment for conditions such as infertility, HIV, allergies, Hepatitis C, and arthritis
  • In any community, this can create a public health hazard to workers and the public due to improperly disposed used sharps
  • Pharmaceutical companies are also developing more self-injecting drugs to treat at-home patients due to the increased shift from traditional healthcare settings back to in to home settings

The Departments of Health for Individual States has approved the SafeSnap syringe for disposal in a hazardous waste plastic red bag. Federal OSHA allows for SafeSnap disposal as a sharps container. Therefore, using SafeSnap significantly reduces the number of sharps containers purchased and infectious waste disposal costs.

An average 250-bed hospital spends $80,000 to $100,000 per year on the purchase of sharps containers alone. In addition, infectious waste disposal costs range from $0.25 to $0.35 per pound. Empty sharps containers for a 250-bed hospital weigh between 10-12 tons based on studies by the California Department of Health.

The overall savings for a 250-bed hospital purchasing at least 50% less sharps containers and the reduced tonnage of infectious waste disposal represents a conservative savings of at least $150,000.

Hospitals are being pressured to introduce safer medical instruments and sharps devices. This pressure comes from employees, proposed local ordinances, state and federal legislation, and the increasing number of lawsuits brought against hospitals by medical personnel and patients who are victims of needle-stick-related infections.

One recent lawsuit involved a nurse who sued New York State after contracting HIV from an accidental needle-stick. The lawsuit resulted in the nurse being awarded $5.4 million.

The Hospital Employee Health (“HEH”) newsletter estimates that the costs of each reported accidental needle stick are approximately $4,000 for treatment of the wound, diagnostic tests and lost worker time, exclusive of specialized, longer term treatment and potential liability costs.


Order Information

Product Code Syringe Size Needle Size Units per box
13700 3 cc no needle 100
13720 3 cc 25G x 5/8 100
13721 3 cc 25G x 1 100
13740 3 cc 23G x 1 100
13741 3 cc 23G x 1.5 100
13711 3 cc 22G x 1 100
13710 3 cc 22G x 1.5 100
13750 3 cc 21G x 1 100
13751 3 cc 21G X 1.5 100
13730 3 cc 20G X 1 100
13731 3 cc 20G X 1.5 100
15700 5 cc no needle 50
15711 5 cc 22G X 1 50
15710 5 cc 22G x 1.5 50
15750 5 cc 21G x 1 50
15751 5 cc 21G x 1.5 50
15730 5 cc 20G x 1.5 50
15731 5 cc 20G x 1 50
10790 10 cc no needle 50
10711 10 cc 22G x 1 50
10710 10 cc 22G x 1.5 50
10750 10 cc 21G x 1 50
10751 10 cc 21G x 1.5 50
10731 10 cc 20G x 1 50
10730 10 cc 20G x 1.5 50

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