Treating Diabetes

Type 1 diabetics are treating with daily injections of insulin. However treatment for type 2 diabetes requires a number of steps that lead to diabetes control. Since diabetes is a progressive disease, over time the first step will no longer keep blood glucose in “target range.” When this happens the treatment plan has to be altered and another step taken.

For example, the first step in treating type 2 diabetes is usually implementing a meal plan and exercise program. Early on, the right combination of diet and exercise might help reduce insulin resistance. The insulin the type 2 diabetic’s body produces at this stage is able to work at lowering blood glucose.

At some point the diet and exercise program may no longer keep the diabetic’s blood glucose in target range. His or her doctor may recommend diabetes pills. While diabetic pills are not insulin, they do help to make the diabetic’s own insulin work better. Typically when treatment includes pills it also includes a meal plan and exercise program.

However, at some point the pancreas may become stressed from making insulin. Even combinations of diabetes pills along with a meal plan and exercise program no longer control the diabetic’s blood glucose levels. Combination Therapy may be recommended for the diabetic, which includes a combination of diabetic pills and injections.

Controlling blood sugar in the diabetic may seem to be a lot of work, but preventing the complications of diabetes is worth the effort.

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